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Ray Wilson -- Troubadour

Ray Wilson is an old soul. That is apparent from the first note on Troubador . The album builds momentum taking the listener on a pleasurable time-warp of delicious funk and soul.   The opening track, “ Rebel In Faded Old Jeans,” is smooth and smoky and perfectly sets the tone for the album. A hard guitar lick underscores the passion of the unnamed rebellious troubadour, but somehow it is understood this track is Wilson’s pledge to give his all to both the album and his audience. “Racin’ Jake”   is a haunting coming of age tale about the challenges that make us who we are. Musically, it is perhaps my least favorite, but the tune is one everyone can relate to on some level. The third track “ Misty Waters” showcases Wilson’s vocal smoothness, but is otherwise only a prelude of the album’s real emotion and power which shines through on the back half. The folksy emotion of Wilson and the range of his voice materializes with “ Sit Beneath The Tree” and carries right in