Shut Up and Sing (Op Ed)

We listen to music that brings out our emotions and puts into words how we feel. And we do this at least partly, because we can't always express ourselves.

We stare at art that inspires.

We read words that teach, transport, and enlighten.

We watch movies that make us laugh, cry, hope, and wonder.

And the songwriters, artists, authors, actors, producers, screenwriters that give us these treasures are very all very gifted and talented when it comes to tapping into our emotions.They combine great intelligence, hard work, talent, and a heightened sense of empathy to pour their souls out.

And while taste is subjective, all of us have our favorite singers, songwriters, authors, painters, sculptors, poets, actors, etc ... that we believe speak for a generation or a culture.

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We pay money to feel alive, or included, or to simply feel we are not all alone in this crazy, screwed up world. We admire, love, and long to hear and see these artists because frankly, they do what we cannot.

But by all that is holy , let an artist who just moments before we respected, for all the listed reasons above, speak a real opinion on religion, politics, or human rights and a whole bunch of people scream and shout ... SHUT UP! WE PAID YOU TO SING, DANCE, WRITE, ACT.

No, you don't have to agree with them, but if your sole reason for dismissing them is ... I ain't listening to no Hollywood Libtard Elitists then you are a close-minded asshole. Ignorant as well, because protest is art. And for the record protest songs are as old as time and told from every hill, hollar, prairie, and city the world over.

How about you pause and consider this person has a right to an opinion just like everyone. Consider the risks these artists take by making a stand. On anything, becasue no matter what they chance alienating someone. Be aware they speak not because they have too, but want to.

They don't have a $ incentive to polarize. Just the opposite actually.

So before hitching your wagon to politicians or political action groups selling fear and bullshit as they cash multi-billion dollar corporation's checks, you should remember the people you quickly say are out of touch with Middle America create almost all of the art that speaks to you and your soul.

And the guys claiming all you believe in and hold dear will be stripped away are the very same bankers, lawyers, and inherited billionaires who actually take from hard working Americans every damn day while stripping healthcare, retirements, and charging big money for healing medications while the CEOs cash bigger checks every year.

Below you will find eleven songs, I have temporarily added to The Feels Spotify Playlist. Give them a listen and follow the Feels playlist to keep up with this ever changing selections of worthy tunes spanning multiple genres. 

The politicians shout don't let them take your guns while they silently take your paycheck, your house, and your dignity. What happens when the working class can't afford a gun, bullets, or even a decent meal for their family?

Won't happen you say ... yeah, you might be right, because after all ... they will let you charge over to the company store.


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