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There are not enough hours in the day to research and write up everything I would like to post so this entry is basically a song dump for things I think more people need to hear with only a brief comment for each. Every song noted here can be found on The Feels Official Spotify Playlist which changes and evolves weekly so follow along to discover new stuff all the time. Where I could, I posted video within the post. A Few Bad Men - "A Haunted Man" the title track from a new EP. Think Tom Waits meets Jesse Dayton. Speaking of Jesse Dayton . This bad ass guitar man has played for and with too many musical legends for me to list here and if ever you get the chance his live set is a must see. August 9th his album Mix Tapes Volume 1 will drop with an array of offerings covering some of his personal favorites and influences. Including his cover of The Clash's "Bankrobber" which is already out. And speaking of Tom Waits ... Ok, so that one isn