Finding Socks in the Ocean

Yeah, the title of this post is weird, but I promise it relates to today's music selections.

My goal is to be more consistent in sharing music that speaks to me. Both new voices and old, with a focus on bringing a few more years to music that I feel deserves a larger audience than it currently enjoys.

I hope you will continue to stop in and give a listen to the stuff I spot or as always you can follow the Official "The Feels" playlist on Spotify.

Please remember Spotify does not generate enough revenue for artists to continue living and thriving on the road so please attend live shows, buy merch, and of course the music that speaks to you.

Here are a few tracks for you to check out today. The first new are new releases and the third is a classic go to for me. All three carry more than a hint of melancholy to them and two of the three are true road songs.

Elijah Ocean -- The Places We Came From

Bart Budwig -- Sock Song

Ben Bullington -- Ain't Found It Yet

Ben Bullington was a small town doctor whose work I did not discover until after his untimely passing from cancer. He wrote simple songs, that dealt with complex emotions, and I wish he were still around to create more of them.

That's the list today. See y'all soon.


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